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Lucid Eyewear Spreads The Shade To Help Children Coping With Cancer

May 24, 2016


Lucid is excited to announce a new “Spread the Shade” initiative and partnership with Mikey’s Way Foundation. This year when you buy a pair of Lucid sunglasses $5 from each sale will go to Mikey’s Way. “One of our main goals with Lucid is to help others,” says Co-Founder Mark Reininga. “We’ve all had a friend or family member fighting cancer and understand the emotional toll and strain that can take. We are very honored to be a part of Mikey’s Way Foundation and can’t wait to contribute and help as many children as possible.”

Michael “Mikey” Friedman founded the Mikey’s Way Foundation in December of 2005. He had been going through his own treatment for a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. Early in his treatment, he realized that while the doctors were doing everything they could to help him physically; the long hours of treatment were taking their toll on him emotionally. He understood that the more he was able to distract himself, the better he tolerated the side effects of chemotherapy. The more research he did, the more he understood how significant the mind-body connection could be in terms of the healing process.         

Today, the Foundation’s goal is to connect every hospitalized, seriously ill child with his or her family, friends and school. They accomplish this with the use of today’s technology – the internet, WiFi and Skype. Each child is allowed to pick an electronic gift that is best suited for them such as a new netbook, laptop computer, tablet, Ipod, etc.). In establishing this connection, they are in fact creating a meaningful diversion that allows each child to cope… Mikey’s Way.

Together with Mikey’s Way Foundation every pair of Lucid sunglasses sold will help children cope with the emotional strain and isolation associated with prolonged and debilitating treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.


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