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Official Sunglasses of the PGA LECOM Tour

August 22, 2016

Lucid Eyewear Introduces The Albatross
These stunning new shades are the official sunglasses of the PGA LECOM tour.

Los Angeles, CA - August 22, 2016 - From their Los Angeles headquarters, Lucid Eyewear set out to design a sunglass that would be affective for all types of active people and yet would not sacrifice style. The result is the Albatross, which features a lightweight simplistic frame matched with a crystal clear polarized lens making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those who have an active lifestyle.

“We designed the Albatross to stay on your face no matter what activity you are involved in,” says Founder/President, Mark Reininga. “It’s spring hinge molds to your face and minimalistic design gives you an unobstructed view.”

This all-new Lucid sunglass model comes in black and grey polarized and tortoise and gold polarized and each pair comes in a beautifully crafted leather case and can be ordered direct online at

“Golf is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world and thus the launch of the Albatross is perfect for those who spend their days on the greens,” added Reininga. “We are proud to be the official sunglass of the LECOM health challenge for the Tour which is part of the Professional Golf Association (PGA).

Spread The Shade - Giving Back With Every Pair Sold
And as always, for each pair of sunglasses sold, Lucid will donate five dollars to Mikey’s Way Foundation. Together with Mikey’s Way, Lucid will help Spread The Shade helping children cope with the emotional strain and isolation associated with prolonged and debilitating treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.


Lucid Eyewear | Albatross from Lucid Inc. on Vimeo.