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The #1 Reason Cheap Sunglasses Are Destroying Your Eyes.

June 16, 2016

1. They don’t actually protect your eyes. 

When people head outdoors, they tend to always remember the sunscreen because the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays can take a serious toll on their skin, which can potentially lead to skin cancer. More and more people are choosing higher SPF and more expensive sunscreen to protect their health.

However, the precautions taken toward protecting one’s eyes is not always considered as seriously. The cheap sunglass craze that is popular right now across the globe is perhaps making people feel quite fashionable at a low price but has left people, often times unknowingly, allowing their eyes to be seriously damaged by the sun.

What makes cheap sunglasses cheap is the material they are constructed with and how the lenses function. Unfortunately, many sunglass manufactures are able to advertise 100% UV protection by using a spray on protective UV coating on their lenses. This spray-on coating does provide protection but as soon as people wipe their sunglasses to clean them, the coating comes off. A couple hours into wearing brand new cheap sunglasses and the protection could already be gone without the person even knowing it.

UV rays are very harmful for your eyes and sometimes the inexpensive glasses don’t have the full UV coverage that’s needed to protect against the rays,” says Ana P. Vargas optometrist of L.A Optometrique. “They need to have UV400 and typically cheap sunglasses don’t have that. They will have UV200 or UV100, which still lets UV light through. If you’re wearing cheap sunglasses or not wearing sunglasses at all, the sun can cause redness and dryness and that can lead to tritium, which is a membrane growth on your eye. It can also cause cataracts and in the long term the UV rays can hurt the back of your eye, the Macula and cause macular degeneration, which is a leading cause for eyesight loss. So, UV rays can really affect all layers of they eye.”

Lets Break It Down:

Sunglasses have a tint to the lens, which makes it easier to see in the bright light. More importantly they have a UV coating, which prevents the UV rays from hitting your eyes and causing some serious damage. The Tint, you can see, but the UV coating you can’t. When you remove that UV Coating from the lens it’s actually more harmful to be wearing sunglasses. The tint essentially tricks your eyes into thinking it’s darker outside so your pupil opens up letting more light in. With the glasses on and no UV protection your pupil is more open and those UV rays have an easier time getting into your retina. The rays can cause some serious damage to your Macula and over time can lead to Macular degeneration, which like Vargas said, is a leading cause of vision loss.


Cheap glasses (left), Quality sunglasses (right)

Cheap sunglasses can literally kill your eyes, so just like you would spend the extra money for quality high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin, spend the money for a good pair of sunglasses and protect one of your most important assets, your eyes.

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