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Total raised this year: $1,665

Together with Mikey’s Way Foundation every sunglass sold will help children cope with the emotional strain and isolation associated with prolonged and debilitating treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.


           Michael “Mikey” Friedman founded the Mikey’s Way Foundation in December of 2005. He had been going through his own treatment for a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. Early in his treatment, he realized that while the doctors were doing everything they could to help him physically, the long hours of treatment were taking their toll on him emotionally. He understood that the more he was able to distract himself, the better he tolerated the side effects of chemotherapy. The more research he did, the more he understood how significant the mind-body connection could be in terms of the healing process.

           Today, the Foundation’s goal is to connect every hospitalized, seriously ill child with his/her family, friends and school. We accomplish this with the use of today’s technology – the Internet, Wi-Fi and Skype. Each child is allowed to pick an electronic gift that is best suited for them (i.e netbook, laptop computer, tablet, ipod touch, etc.). In establishing this connection, we are in fact creating a meaningful diversion that allows each child to cope… Mikey’s Way.



           In 2004, just two days after his 15th birthday, Mikey’s “stomach ache” was diagnosed as a rare and aggressive form of pediatric cancer. For the next several years, he struggled through endless rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and stem cell transplants. Despite a frightening and uncertain future, Mikey was determined to make a difference in the lives of other kids with cancer.

            When approached by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and offered the opportunity to go anywhere, buy anything or meet anyone, Mikey chose a shopping spree but not for himself. Instead, he bought interactive, handheld video games and electronics and personally delivered them to sick children in desperate need of a way to escape the fear, boredom and isolation of their hospital beds. Having been greatly inspired by a weekly “ candy cart” that circled his own hospital floor and generated much excitement, Mikey instituted “ Mikey’s Way Days” at hospitals all over the country using his “connection Cart” to distribute these gifts directly to every child suffering the agony of cancer treatment. These gifts provided endless hours of metal stimulation and respite in the unfortunate and frightening world of treatment.

              Mikey never looked back. In addition to the hundreds of children and many hospitals he has helped, he graduated valedictorian for his high school class and finished his freshman year at Harvard University. He appeared on behalf of the Mikey’s Way Foundations in numerous national and regional television and newspaper interviews, including the “Making a difference” series on NBC nightly News. He was honored by the Boys & Girls clubs of New Jersey as the 2006 “Young Hero of the Year” and named “Hometown Hero: by the Connecticut state legislature, which declared April 29, 2006 “Mikey’s Way Day”

            Mikey passed away October of 2008 at the age of 19. He experienced the power of his foundation through the 17 Mikey’s Way Days he was able to attend.


Spread the Shade - 2015


You purchase Lucid shades and we Help save a child from Malaria.

The Deadly Problem

In Africa, a child dies from Malaria every minute. The African communities most effected by this terrible disease are often the poorest and a majority of the children are under five years old. These two factors lead to a perpetual cycle of young children dying do to a lack of resources to buy protective nets.

The Seemingly Simple Solution

Each child needs a long lasting insecticidal net (LLIN). It’s Lucid's goal of spreading the hope of a child’s future with the protective shade of sleeping net. A simple sleeping net is the most effective means of preventing mosquito bites and the malaria disease.

The Lucid commitment to help.

84 million bed nets need to be be delivered each year.

Together, we make a difference.


Working directly with the Kedesh Orphanage in Mozambique, Africa, we will supply our protective sleeping nets to children in need.


Our goal is to partner with hundreds of orphanages around the world and to provide continued support and education as this program grows.


Together with our customers, we give each of these children a protective sleeping net and with it the hope of a future.